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How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet - For under $300

FIRGELLI® have created a new post showing everyone how to build there own TV Lift cabinet for under $300. Typically TV Lift cabinet can cost many thousands of dollars, however we decided to see if it was in fact possible to build the cabinet alone for under $300. The full article can be read using the link below  - Read More

New Article from FIRGELLI® to educate people about IP ratings

FIRGELLI® has launched a new Article on our main website to educate people about IP ratings. These rating are particularly important when it comes to buying and using the right Linear Actuator for each application. Understanding how IP ratings work is very important and can save a lot of time and money in the long run.  How to Understand IP Ratings?    What is actually an IP rating?          How to Understand IP Ratings? How to Determine IP Ratings?      What's the difference between an ingress protection rating and waterproof?            What..  - Read More

The New Firgelli Linear Slides Launches

Firgelli Linear Slides has been a favorite among many clients, and we are delighted to announce that we have now launched our revamped version of the site. Not to worry, all of your trusted products are here still, just with an easier name and better pictures! For our main website please visit For Drawer Slides and our heavy Slide Rails please visit  - Read More

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