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How Do I Order?

Once you have decided what products will work best for you, the simplest way to order is to add the items to your cart and follow the easy checkout instructions. Orders will be processed and will ship out the same day if orders are made prior to noon PST. Orders processed after our shipping cut off will be shipped the next business day.

How Do I Choose a Guide Rail or Actuator?

Choosing the proper actuator or slide rail will mostly depend on what your application is. For those who are deciding on an actuator, all of our product lines have various strengths and attributes which are pivotal in most applications such as Force, Stroke, and Speed. All of these variables can be selected and found on each product line's page. At that page, you are able to select the force and stroke option which you would like to order. Similarly, guide rails can be selected this way as well, only with the options being size, and length.

Do Firgelli Actuators and Guide Rails Come Assembled?

All of our actuators ship ready to work, and just need to be connected to power for operation. Other products such as our track actuator kits, TV lift kits, and controllers are plug and play and can be set up in seconds. Guide rails come with the carriage attached.

Can I Install a Firgelli Actuators and Slide Rails Without Help?

Firgelli's linear actuators run on a very simple two wire system. Applying power will extend the actuator, and reversing the polarity will retract the actuator. Since our products range between 12 and 24 volts, there is relatively no risk of electrical injury, and the expertise needed to run them is minimal. Wiring is as simple and taking the two stripped wires and connecting them to a control box, or putting connectors at the end of the wires and connecting them to a rocker switch is really all that is involved. As for building the rest of your project, that's up to your own level of expertise and experience!

What is the Difference Between Static and Dynamic Load?

A common question our clients have when planning out their automated project is the difference between static and dynamic load capacities that actuators have. Static capacity is the amount of force that an actuator can hold (parallel to the shaft) when there is no current flowing through the motor. Dynamic load is the 'pushing' or 'pulling' force which can be applied parallel to the shaft. Both of these figures are important to consider when selecting the proper actuators.

Up to What Weight Capacity Can Firgelli Lifts Handle?

Both pop up and drop down lifts are rated up to 180 lbs (80 kg).

How long will it take to receive my order once it is placed?

If you order was placed on a business day prior to noon PST, the unit will ship the same day. If the order is placed on a holiday/weekend or after noon PST then your order will ship out on the next business day. UPS tracking information is sent from UPS via email, and can sometimes end up in your junk folder. Ship times depend on the service selected, but for ground within the USA you can expect a ship time of 5-7 business days.

What type of warranty does Firgelli Automations offer?

All of our products come with a standard 12 month warranty covering any manufacturer defects or mechanical failures unrelated to misuse.

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