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Firgelli Linear Slides - Your source for slide rails, drawer slides, linear bearings, and actuators!

Firgelli Linear Slides provides a diverse selection of slide rails, linear bearings, guide rails, drawer slides, and actuators to automate your DIY lifts and projects. With our revamped company structure and improved client relations, Firgelli Automations' linear motion products will take your product, project, and customers to new heights.

Extensive Range of Slide Rails and Drawer Slides
At Firgelli Linear Slides, we offer a wide array of products to support your projects, ranging from mini actuators and slide rails to industrial-grade actuators and heavy-duty slide rails.

Proven Designs and Products
Over a decade ago, the founder of Firgelli Automations developed an actuator to operate the manual top on his European sports car. With a master's degree in mechanical engineering and a passion for moving parts, he started building high-quality linear actuators to meet the needs of the masses. Today, with a dedicated team of engineers, technical support advisors, and sales staff, our goal remains the same: providing superior linear motion devices that surpass user requirements.

Supporting You and Your Projects
Our sales and support team is committed to offering valuable knowledge and impactful ideas to clients like you. You bring the inspiration, and we provide the expertise. No matter the nature of your project, we are here to assist you.

Prompt Worldwide Shipping
When you place an order through our user-friendly checkout page, you'll receive a shipping quote and options for delivery speed. Orders placed before noon Pacific Standard Time will be shipped on the same day. For orders placed on non-business days or after the cut-off time, shipping will occur on the following business day.

Warranty Coverage
Trustworthy products come with reliable companies that stand behind them. Firgelli Automations offers up to 12 months of comprehensive warranty coverage, allowing you to focus on entertaining your guests while we ensure your automation solution serves you optimally.


Shop with Confidence

Firgelli Linear Slides is an online store that specializes in selling actuators, slide rails, and various linear motion mechanisms. These products, powered by Firgelli Automations, have been meticulously developed through years of testing, resulting in a large base of satisfied clients. To maintain quality, all units are thoroughly inspected before shipping.

Firgelli Actuators and slide rails are commonly integrated tof ether to create a complete home automation system to make something move effortlessly, as well as custom cabinetry for home automation and / or custom framing for all other projects.

FIRGELLI have been developing Motion control and precision engineered products for 2 decades specialize in Linear Actuators for the Automation industry such as Home Automation, Industrial and automotive applications, and TV Lift Mechanisms used for Hidden TV cabinet makers, Standing desks - Sit stand Desks that have become very popular in the Office for improving your health by getting out of the chair periodically and work standing up. FIRGELLI also develop Micro Linear Actuators. for the Robotics and consumer electronics Industry. FIRGELI also carries a range of Drawer slides capable of holding high loads as used for kitchen cabinets and customs storage devices. 

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